First Title & Escrow

First Title & Escrow is a leading national title company offering a wide range of solutions for the real estate services sector. Serving some of the largest corporations in the real estate industry, First Title provides seamless title and closing transactions throughout the entire United States. First Title & Escrow provides both residential and commercial title services. Using FirstVision®, a high-tech proprietary software, First Title & Escrow is able to complete title services with extreme speed and efficiency.

FirstVision® is an end-to-end proprietary technology that provides instant GFE and a rapid closing cost calculator. First Title & Escrow has always positioned themselves with cutting edge industry technology, allowing them to provide the highest quality service available and maximize the returns for their clients. In an ever-changing marketplace, First Title Services understands how to effectively utilize technology, allowing them to achieve greater economy of scale, less waste, higher employee satisfaction, and greater return on investment.

First Title & Escrow serves some of the largest corporations in the real estate industry. Their commercial specialties include shopping centers, office buildings and alternative energy among other high-value properties. First Title Services work with both lenders, brokers, agents and any other stakeholders in the real estate process offering the absolute highest standard of customer service as well as a smooth, technology-focused way of doing business.

First Title Services goes to great lengths to ensure complete satisfaction with their products and services. First Title & Escrow is a dynamic company which combines both flexibility and maturity to create a productive and collaborative environment that can effortlessly provide unique products tailored to each individual client’s needs. With their vast experience, First Title Services positions themselves as a company that can consistently perpetuate healthy relationships. In addition, their skilled team ensures that daily operations run in tandem with strategies to comply with and maintain the best industry practices.

First Title & Escrow has successfully cultivated a customer-centric atmosphere, valuing their client’s needs above all else. The organization’s forward-thinking, transparency, tech-savviness and focus on the process clearly distinguishes First Title & Escrow from traditional title agencies.

First Title & Escrow is a one-stop shop, offering a wide range of services, which provides an added convenience to their clients and increases efficiency. These services include Refinance Transactions, Purchase Transactions, Reverse Transactions, REO/Default Transactions, Commercial Transactions, Appraisal Management, Property Reports, Flood and Credit Services and Agency Services. In addition, First Title Services provides Full Service Title Clearance, eRecording, Document Retrieval, Final Document Services and Lien Release Processing.